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Private Investigator

 Jeffrey T. Patterson

Retired as of February 2019

I want to thank all of my clients who supported  me over the past 38 years.  It was an awesome journey.  I am now moving on to the next chapter in my life.  If you are interested in what that is, please visit my other website at:

Licensed Private Investigator

& Fraud Investigator

38 Years Serving Clients Nationwide

The value of evidence is many times weighed by the

integrity and professionalism of the investigator

who gathers, preserves and presents it.

Associated Practice   (PTSD and Trauma)

In association with investigative services, Jeff is a horse specialist for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy programs.   EAP is an effective healing aid for clients who have suffered trauma or PTSD due to loss of a loved one, life changing injustice, broken families and other legal challenges.  Learn more by clicking on and the "Herd 2 Human" page.  

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